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26th march mkt outlook

APR GOLD Resist: 132340*, 133100-133500 ST Trend: Sdwys/Up (132160) Supprt: 131730, 131100*, 129740* Obj: 132340 ACHD TRP: 1297.40 Comment: The market has pushed trade up to test resistance at 132340*. A close over 132340* is bullish and could spark a run over 134000+. If trade again finds rallies blunted at 132340*, then be on guard for a reactionary pullback into the next couple days. A close under 129740* is needed to start a bear downturn. MAY SILVER Resist: 1554*, 15615-1565 ST Trend: Sdwys (15545) Supprt: 1540+/-, 1533*, 15265 Obj: None TRP: 15.54 Comment: Trade is once again attacking to power past 1554* retracement resistance. Another close over 1554* should renew the bull wave to 1580+. If trade cannot stay over 1554* today, be alert for a reactionary setback. A drop under last Wednesday’s low or close under 1533* will a flip the market back to negative trade. MAY CRUDE OIL Resist: 5929-30, 5985-6007, 6105 ST Trend: Sdwys/Up (5908) Supprt: 5825*-, 5697* Obj: None TRP: 58.25 Comment: The market is still in the short term bull trend, but Friday’s back off hurt the bull formation and trade may yet attack 5925* support. A close under 5925* signals for a selling wave […]

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