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14th feb mkt outlook

APR GOLD Resist: 131650*, 132170* ST Trend: Sdwys/Up (130930) Supprt: 130770, 130040* Obj: None TRP: 1300.40 Comment: Overall the market is still bullish, but last week’s drop marks a near term bear turnover and should foster corrective selloffs to test key 130040* support. A close under 130930 or drop below 130770 will promote selloffs. A close under 130040* signals a lasting bear turnover, projecting a drop to the starting levels of the last bull wave at 129000-. Currently a close over 132170* is needed to rekindle bull trend forces. MAR SILVER Resist: 1569, 1580, 1594* ST Trend: Sdwys/Down (1555) Supprt: 1549-1548, 15395 Obj: None TRP: 15.94 Comment: The market is signaling a topping turnover and positioned for a retracement to 15395. A press through 1548 will encourage selloffs. Any rebounds contained within yesterday’s range will bear flag and stay aligned for selloffs. A pop over 1580 stops topping / bear forces. A close over 1594* is needed to launch a secondary run at the 1620 high. APR CRUDE OIL Resist: 5436*, 5561*+ ST Trend: Sdwys/Up (5435) Supprt: 5285, 5190, 5106* Obj: None TRP: 51.06 Comment: The past two day rally alerts for an upturn from corrections and calls for rallies […]

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